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We provide our customers internet publishing solutions

  • We use open source solutions and Joomla content management system as well as its numerous extensions.
  • We want to  help Your company by improving Your web communication.

Our procedure

  • We communicate with the client about the most essential issues in web publishing first over the phone or via email and then you are able to meet us here on the Sunshine Coast. On the basis of each individual needs we offer our clients a tailored web publishing package including the needed components for the web service, and send an offer.
  • Our clients can choose between various different Joomla templates. We modify the graphics to suit each company's image.
  • In consultation with our web publishing professionals, we make the internet service into an entity aiming at the growth of the business. Our technical personnel will tailor the needed modules (such as eCommerce) as part of the web site so that the internet services support the business strategy.

Joomla! Content Management System

  • Open Source, free of charge, thousands of developers
  • Over 6000 extensions to be added easily
  • Internationally known, award-winning
  • Easy to edit with a web browser

How do we boost your business?

  • Through careful planning and the use of latest web technology
  • By combining communication and web technology into a web service
  • By customer-oriented and holistic approach - Together with our partners we will find the best possible solution for Your needs

Confidentially Yours

Well planned website will support the company strategy and boost its business.

Confidential and fortcoming relation with our customers will create the ideal conditions for a successful website. We are eager to take good care of our customer relations, and will help Your business to grow.

Content and satisfied customers is our main focus. 


  • Static websites are complicated to edit and often need an expert to fix.  
  • With small Content Management Systems You are engaged to a specific company, since it is the only expert in your website CMS.
  • Why purchase a system if you can find a better one for free?